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The pandemic changed the nature of knowledge work.

How we work and where we do our work has undoubtedly been the biggest shift. But in parallel, how companies hire for work has also been changing. We're seeing that many early stage and growing companies are working with experienced talent in a non-full time capacity, to access expertise and get things done. This was quite rare previously.

These opportunities typically take one of these forms -- fractional (hrs/wk) involvement, fixed scope, or limited duration project(s).

Here are some examples we've seen:

  • fractional/interim CTO at early stage startup
  • consulting product designer
  • setup ELT pipeline and data architecture
  • help with CI/CD/infra setup
  • help with building and deploying ML models
  • software dev help to get a feature or MVP over the finish line

Both sides benefit.

These engagements often work well for both sides. For startups, it’s a great way to seek help from people who may otherwise not be available or accessible to them.

On the other side, if you're an experienced professional who is skilled at what you do, it's a great way to lend your expertise, build a strong network of clients in the process, and let's admit, get paid for it.

Leaning on first hand experience/Why I'm building this

I (Vineet) have been freelance consulting for the past three years. As a fractional CTO and engineering consultant, I've helped more than half a dozen startups in this time. I'd remiss if I didn't mention that it has been a lucrative thing as well.

Most of my work has come from network, but that also makes it unpredictable. I see a strong need for a structured exchange for these opportunities. I know several people like me who do similar work and many of my clients hire people like me.

Building from this shared experience, here is what I envision for brighthuman:

  • Every posted opportunity is through a strong network referral or reviewed to meet a certain bar (company stage, funding, type of work). This gatekeeping is a necessary filter for relevancy and to keep out tire kickers.

  • No markup over your rate / the house doesn't take a cut. You decide your rate and minimum engagement constraints and we’ll show you opportunities that meet a threshold or are in the ballpark.

  • Stay clear of the race to the bottom. We want to be welcoming to companies irrespective of budget constraints but not turn into a place that’s a feeding frenzy or where only “cheap” is what sells.

brighthuman is an exchange for fractional and consulting work where experienced engineering, product, design, and data talent can find some of the most interesting and rewarding projects.

If you're interested in being an early adopter (coming 12/22), please consider leaving your email and LinkedIn below. Promise we'll keep it interesting and non-spammy.