brighthuman for consultants

Better consulting opportunities

At rates you set while keeping every penny of your earnings

Most (all?) freelancing platforms are simply a middleman that do little, if anything, to help you find good consulting opportunities and retain what they bill the client.

If you're an experienced engineer or engineering leader, it's nearly futile trying to swim in those waters - you'll simply be wasting time trying to stand out. Even if you manage to land a good consulting client, the platform will take a hefty cut (20-50%) of the rate the client is paying for your expertise and work.

We set out to build brighthuman as the consulting platform we wished existed -- not playing middleman (but more like a bridge), helping experienced talent find great consulting opportunities, and making it easier to do so.

Who can join?

Web and Mobile Engineers

As a full-stack web or mobile engineer, you must have strong experience in the technologies you claim to know. You most likely have experience working at an early stage startup and are confident you can have an impact almost immediately in a team.

Fractional Engineering Leaders

Many startups need interim engineering leaders who will help them bring a product to market or help lead a team for a period of time. You have proven experience leading an engineering team (or teams) at a startup of some note. If needed, you can (and will be called upon to) be hands on.


Often, early stage startups don't have a full-time devops engineer on staff but need help setting up and managing their infrastructure. This is where you come in. You must have solid experience with this.

What to expect

A platform that is familiar with and aligned to your needs.

Relevant and vetted opportunities

We don't intend to waste your time by having you sift through a hundred postings. You'll only see opportunities that we are certain fall within your interest, schedule, and rate expectations.

Second, because we vet the startups that post opportunities and and monitor their behavior, you won't have to deal with clients that lack credibility or follow through.

No interview hoops to jump

We are selective but we're not going to put you through the ringer as if you're interviewing for a full time job. We like to see your LinkedIn profile (for authenticity) and we'll ask you a few questions that you'll answer in text. The answers do carry a lot of weight -- that's the only tool we use to assess you.

Get paid what you deserve and keep every penny of it

We'll only match you to teams that match your expected rate. We don't charge a percent fee on any billing - to you or your clients. In fact, we don't process payments on the platform. You'll have a relationship with your client. You'll invoice and bill them directly.

Stay anonymous until you want to be introduced

No startup or individual can search for you on brighthuman. We'll show you relevant opportunities and won't share your details with the startup unless and until the opportunity is of interest to you.

Flexibility to find projects that fit your situation

There is ample flexibility for the type of consulting gig you can look for, including full-time contracts, part-time/fractional roles, or short-term, fixed length projects. We'll take your current schedule and situation to match you with opportunities.

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