brighthuman for startups

Work with proven talent.

Most startups don't have the luxury of time and resources to hire the right people full-time, just when they need them.

We introduce you to experienced and proven talent that is looking to consult and help teams move forward on projects -- be it augmenting your team's efforts, help with a special project, or anything in between.

Consultant areas of expertise

We're specifically and only focused on technical needs startups have

Web and Mobile Engineers
Proven full-stack and mobile engineers to build your initial product, boost your team's capacity, or to have an experienced hand who can help level things up.

Fractional Engineering Leaders
Bring in a fractional CTO / VP of Engineering / Technical Lead to lead a new project or manage an existing team and product so you can hit your business goals.

Find battle-tested and experienced DevOps consultants who've built and managed infra at early stage startups across platforms such as AWS, GCS, and Azure.

What you can expect from us

The most time and cost effective path to finding the right consultant

Consultants with solid experience

Consultants who seek projects on brighthuman are experienced at what they say and do. We only accept talent that has relevant (and strong) expertise and can have an immediate impact in a team.

Peer-referred or proven individuals

We're not into bs “top 1%” claims. We hand review their past experience for relevance and expertise and have checks and balances in place to filter out anyone who doesn't meet our expectations. It helps that we've worked in and hired for the same roles.

Zero platform, markup, or percentage fees

Unlike other platforms, we don't take a percentage of billed hours or project fees. In fact, we don't process payments at all -- that's between you and the consultant. We strongly believe in the house not taking a cut and consultants keeping every penny you're paying them.

We're the medium but it's your relationship

We're not an agency and have no interest in playing middleman. You'll enjoy a direct relationship with your consultant. If at some point the consulting engagement turns into a full-time hire, go ahead. We're NOT standing in your way to ask for a "finders fee".


The most startup friendly and incentive aligned pricing, ever.


You read it right. It's free. No catch.

We're in an open beta. Our sole focus at present is on refining the platform and making it the best place to find consultants and consulting opportunities.

So go ahead and publish away that consulting opportunity! After a quick review, we'll post it to the platform.