Why we are building brighthuman

Hi there! I'm Vineet, the creator of brighthuman.

With the help of a few brilliant peers and friends, I'm setting out to help startups and proven technical talent find new ways of working with each other.

I started brighthuman after spending the past 5+ years hiring consultants and consulting with startups in different capacities.

As a startup, speed and working with great talent are your two biggest weapons. Ideally, you'd find and hire the best talent and convince them to join you as an employee. But that's the ideal world. More likely, you need to get moving, and now.

By limiting your team only to full-time employees, you're also missing out on incredible talent that may not be available to you. The world of work has changed. Talented folks are venturing out on their own and evaluating options. They may want to to stay independent, carefully consider what company they join next, or may be building something of their own.

That doesn't mean you can't seek their help now.

Often, they are also looking to help companies. It's an opportunity to share expertise and get compensated in return. Sometimes it can turn into the next mission they join full time!

The opportunities are promising, and they're endless.

We're starting with technical roles -- engineers and (fractional) engineering leaders -- areas we understand too well.

I hope the care and passion with which we're building brighthuman comes through, and you'll join us on this journey!

(fmr Engineering Lead at Crunchbase and Co-founder of Oncue)